Beware the Automatic Car Wash

Beware the Automatic Car Wash

So you walk out of your house in the morning and just to see your brand new black Mercedes C-class is covered in maple syrup, don't ask questions...


Immediately you think "how am I going to get all this off?" Do you know what's convenient, a car wash, So you hit a car wash on the way to work. Not thinking about the guy that spent 11 hours paint correcting it before you bought it. You drive right into that 10 ft long welcome home mat and let it eat away all the hard work that was spent paint correcting your car. In your mind, you're thinking you're being productive but your bank account is screaming at you cause you just lost thousands of dollars worth of resale value. Hey, but thank god you saved money on that $3 car wash. 


Okay but you may be reading all this and thinking "So it's just a car why do I care about these micro scratches?" and you are right, to an extent. It's your car and your money so, at the end of the day, it's your option to get your car detailed or bring it through a car wash. But at least understand the effects of a car wash before you go and get your cay "cleaned".


The Effects Of An Automatic Car Wash


You may think that bringing your car to an automatic car wash is perfectly fine, I used to. I mean "wash" is literally in the name but it really should be automatic dirt scrub. Thousands of cars go through an automatic car wash every week and to be honest with you I don't know how often they clean that 10ft long scrub daddy, if they do at all. Think about all these people that go to a car wash with a nasty muddy car and get it cleaned up. Where do you think all that dirt goes? Right in the big foam thing...whatever it's called. So then you pull up in your car and get all that mud that's imbedded in the 10ft cleaning stick rubbing all up in your paint. It's simply not a good idea.


The other important thing to remember about an automatic car wash is that it doesn't clean every surface of the vehicle. Having a human do it can make it come out much better because they can get into those spots than an automatic car wash can't. I mean think about it, it just sprays high pressure water then high concentrated soap, then water, then blows air at it and BAM. Imagine you went to take a shower in the brand new "automatic human washer 9000" and this was the process, wouldn't feel too good if I do say so myself.



Why A Detailer Is a Better Option


Like I said in the previous section, a human can get into spots that a robot can't. Detailers can also do things with much better results. Of course, it will take longer but do you know that saying "quality over quantity". I understand detailers aren't for everyone due to the price but they can definitely help you when you need it. 

I'm not writing this article to bash on the people that own car washes, of course there's people out there that simply don't care about their car because they got it for $500. But this article isn't made for those people, it's made for the people that care about their vehicle and want to know how to properly take care of it. 

Some people just have no idea what goes into a automatic car wash and could think it's a great idea to save time and money rather than hiring a detailer.


Summary Of This Article


By now you should know that automatic car washes are not good for your vehicle as they can reduce the value, they can make it look worse and they put micro scratches in your car. I've even seen people say that it doesn't put micro scratches in your car, they're not correct. Unless they change out that 10ft rock filled scrub ninja after every vehicle or thoroughly clean it after every use, that thing is ready to scratch up your vehicle.


There are multiple ways to get your car cleaned, whether it's you, a detailer or a robot with foam arms its your decision at the end of the day...

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